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Andy Summers - A Certain Strangeness

Works from the years 1979 - 2018
© Andy Summers

Music and Photography have shaped Andy Summers since he first held a guitar at the age of eleven. Five years later he was playing in clubs and coffee houses as part of the local jazz scene. Even then, the young musician was earning his money as a beach photographer and picked up the camera again more seriously in 1979 when he went on tour with his band The Police. His Leica M4-2, which was recommended to him by his close friend Ralph Gibson, has been his constant companion ever since.

"A Certain Strangeness" features photography from 1979 to 2018 and provides deep insights into Andy Summers' development and artistic journey. From guitarist of the world-famous band The Police to solo artist, from the Alto Plano in Bolivia to the narrow streets of Tokyo. In the process, Summers demonstrates his keen eye for surrealistic details as well as magical moments and shows how closely music and photography are intertwined for him.

Throughout his long career, Andy Summers has always moved between the two media, creating emotion in both of them for his wide audience. Most recently, he has fused the two - among other things in an audiovisual presentation of "A Certain Strangeness" at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In the photographic exhibition, he invites us to accompany him on his journey. His autobiographical photographs provide space for narrative speculation and show the life of a man who is not only an impressive musician but also a phenomenal photographer.

Exhibition opening: Vernissage with Andy Summers

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