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Goethe - The Nature Poet

Statements and sketches translated into photographs.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was not only one of the most important creators of German poetry, but also a renowned naturalist. Around 1780, Goethe began to explore scientific questions. In 1798, he successfully combined poetry and natural research in his poem "The Metamorphosis of Plants”.

The exhibition "Goethe - The Nature Poet" is dedicated to Goethe as a natural scientist and presents the poet's statements and sketches about nature in photographic form. Inspired by Goethe's drawings of plants and minerals, photographer Michael Agel has captured objects of his choice in a minimalist way on a white background. Embedded in the special ambience along the nature trail, the photographs, which are accompanied by Goethe’s original quotations, form a fascinating contrast to the colourful and wild nature of the forest.

The outdoor gallery with a total of 24 colour and black-and-white motifs can be visited free of charge every day from Saturday, 21 May, and invites families and photography and nature lovers to experience the art of photography in the local nature during a relaxed walk. The exhibition will be on display until July 2022.

With the kind support of the city of Wetzlar.


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