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Lena Stahl: "Was ihr nicht seht"

© Lena Stahl

We are delighted to present the exhibition: “Lena Stahl, Was ihr nicht seht”. It will open on 23rd November 2023 at the Leica Gallery Wetzlar. With exceptional behind-the-scenes images, Lena Stahl guides us through the set of the thriller of the same title, which she both wrote and directed.

Powerful black and white pictures and intense colour photographs reveal the liveliness and activity of a film production. At the same time, the gloomy atmosphere of the film veils many of the motifs. The current thriller sheds light on themes such as sexual assault, abuse and the complexity of interpersonal relationships. Stahl uses the perspective of the protagonists, who are entangled in a threatening and opaque case, to highlight the reality for many victims of violent crime. With a sensitive approach, she also reveals the profound psychological effects of such incidents.

The photographs on display offer insight into the film production, and document the creation of gripping and oppressive moments in front of the camera. Stahl’s work captures the essence of the film with precision and astuteness, revealing the hidden nuances behind the scenes of the thriller. With skilful compositions, she manages to blur the borders between the fictional plot and the authenticity of the production process. Her images not only capture the intense and harsh atmosphere that permeates the film – they also reflect the real mood on the set and the actors’ emotional journeys.

Born in Berlin in 1979, Lena Stahl began taking photographs when she was a youngster. Today, she is not only a successful photographer, but also a multi-award-winning film director and scriptwriter. She began her career in Denmark, where she studied at the European Film College, while establishing herself at the same time as a freelance photographer. She worked for film and television in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, before beginning studies of film direction and scriptwriting in 2005 at the University of Television and Film in Munich. She graduated in 2010 with the film “Alle Tage meines Lebens” (All the days of my life, 2010). “Mein Sohn” (My son, 2021) marked her debut as a director of feature films, and has already earned her a number of awards. She has been a member of the German Film Academy since 2022. Lena Stahl lives with her family in Berlin.

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Exhibition period
23. Nov 2023 - 21. Jan 2024

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