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Norbert Rosing: My Wilderness

Impressive nature photographs in the Leitz-Park Forest

The photographer Norbert Rosing, known for his extraordinary landscape and wildlife photographs, has rediscovered a great childhood love: black-and-white photography. With an eye and a feeling for special moods, as well as the Leica M Monochrom in his bag, he has sought out moments in nature, seen them and brilliantly captured them. Some of these special photographs will be presented from 6 August in the Leitz-Park Forest adjacent to Leitz-Park Wetzlar.

By foregoing colour, Rosing abstracts the wild beauty of water, forest and rocks and draws the viewer's attention to structures. The contrast of light and shadow as well as the skilful use of compositional elements captivate the viewer's attention. His pictures show the mystical beauty of rocks and forest, water and ice. They are pictures of mysterious places that awaken longings and in which legends and fairy tales come to life.

Rosing: "For years I have been roaming the forests and mountain ranges of Germany. Always on the lookout for subjects that may seem ordinary but have not yet been photographed in such a way before. I try to give trees a personality and approach them with humility. Particularly the old Methuselahs, the ancient venerable trees, have captivated me."

Norbert Rosing is one of Germany's most renowned nature photographers. For many years he worked for the National Geographic magazine in the USA. He became known for his polar bear and Arctic pictures. However, he is also interested in Germany's large, protected areas, about which he has published several photo books and even postage stamps featuring subjects from wild Germany. Norbert Rosing presents his work in large multi-vision shows worldwide and still takes analogue as well as digital photographs.

Exhibition period
06. Aug 2023 - 31. Dec 2023

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