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Young people see the world with different eyes and perceive things that adults often overlook. Photography offers them the opportunity to express things that are important to them from their own perspective. This can not only improve their perception of others and themselves, but also their creativity and it increases their self-confidence. With various offers, we want to introduce young people to photography and open up a field for them in which they can develop independently.

From 1 to 31 August, pupils have free admission to the Ernst Leitz Museum!

Experiencing and Understanding Photography

How does a darkroom work, which sounds do the various shutter releases make and how do light and shadow affect photography? In the interactive Ernst Leitz Museum, children and young people can immerse themselves in photography, create their own photographs and look behind the history of the Leica brand.

  • Opening times: daily from 10 am to 6 pm
  • Up to 8 years: free entry
  • Up to 16 years: 8,- Euros

Activities in the Ernst Leitz Museum

With the help of exciting questions, children and young people can discover the Ernst Leitz Museum on their own and are encouraged to try out different perspectives and motifs at the individual photo stations. The resulting photos can be printed out afterwards.

Exciting Glimpses into Production

With three windows in the production aisle, the Leica headquarters offers exciting insights into the manufacture of lenses and the assembly of lenses and cameras. Almost all Leicas ever produced can also be admired here.

  • Opening times: daily from 10 am to 6 pm
  • Entry is free

Activities in Leica World

This tour explains how a camera is made, how it works and what the special features of the different models are. The tours take place on Wednesday 1 pm, Friday 1.30 pm and Saturday 1.30 pm. Simply register by email:

  • Age recommendation: ages 10 and older
  • Up to 8 years: free
  • Up to 16 years: 4,- Euros

In this workshop, young people learn the basics of photography and are inspired to make the best out of their smartphone camera. A theoretical part deals with the interplay of aperture and shutter speed, different perspectives and picture language, among other things. In the practical part, the newly gained knowledge is put into practice. The workshop takes place every last Friday of the month. Simply register by e-mail:

  • Age recommendation: 13 years and older (a smartphone is needed)
  • Duration: 1,5 hours
  • Price: tba

Exploring Nature

In our Leitz-Park Forest, children and young people will not only find interesting information about the local flora and fauna over a good three kilometres, but also many exciting photo motifs. Here you can consciously experience nature and direct your gaze to the different structures, colours and textures and capture them with your camera or smartphone.

  • Opening times: at all times
  • Entry is free

Download Nature Trail Map

Activities in the Leitz-Park Forest

Every 1st Sunday of the month we offer public and guided tours through our Leitz-Park Forest. Binoculars can be rented for the duration of the tour (approx. 1.5 hours). Simply register now:

  • Age recommendation: 6 years and older
  • Up to 8 years: free
  • Up to 16 years: 6,- Euros

Simple tasks encourage even the youngest forest visitors to keep their eyes open for the special features of nature. With parents, grandparents etc., children can discover the forest and, if they wish, make a game out of it.

Age recommendation: 4 years and older

Download: Natur-Bingo